11.5’’ LAVA Candle Lamp Gloss – White, Yellow & Blue



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Candle Light LAVA Lamps are the candle-lit creations that give LAVA® an extra special glow. Included tealight candle heats up the base of the globe and initiates that groovy glob-flowing motion. The white, glazed ceramic base and cap give a premium, sleek look. The base is complete with an alcove for your tealight candle, with cutout detailing, making your whole LAVA Lamp glimmer with soft, soothing light. This sweet statement piece lasts 4 hours on one candle, and takes approximately 30 minutes for lava to flow.


  • 11.5″ tall
  • Yellow wax, Blue liquid
  • Tealight sits at base of LAVA® Lamp       
  • Takes 30 minutes to start flowing
  • Includes 3 tealight candles



Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 9.6 × 9.6 × 13.4 in


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